Asagami Fujino
D'awww X3
So moe that you would die. Really.
Species Human
Age 16-17 in appearance, but she's probably about 17. Gdit Nasu, why can't you ever specify the exact age for any of your characters...
Gender Female
Room Number 36-DB
Week Joined 92
Affiliations Crazy Crew
Apped from Shortly after she killed an innocent driver that was passing by
Mun Rozen

Asagami Fujino is merely just an innocent high school student-

Who am I kidding. It's Nasu, so of course his moe characters would be fucked up!

Fuji is also stuck in a completely one-sided shipwreck with Asura. This is going to turn out well in the end for sure.

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Fujino is about 5'2 and has long, purple hair that goes down to her waist. She also has red eyes which can change into black with reddish-green pupils upon activating her power.

As for her clothes, she wears the school uniform of Reien Girl's Academy. Similar to a nun's, it consists of a white collar that is removable, and a blue dress with a simple dark blue design that adorn the white collars at the ends of the sleeves. She also wears black, thigh-high socks and brown school shoes.


Her eyes contain the "Mystic Eyes of Distortion", which can twist and bend anything within her line of sight, but only on things that are possible (AKA existing physically), as she cannot bend concepts (AKA things that are abstract). Her right eye twists clockwise, while her left twists counterclockwise, and she has channels in order to use both directions. Were one to have eyes like Ryougi Shiki's or have some other kind of heightened skill, they would be seen as red and green spirals. Alternatively, if they were to have keen enough eyes, they would see an almost transparent warping (i.e. When Shiki was facing against her on the bridge).


On the surface, Fujino is just what you would expect someone who's a model student to be: Polite, kind, and respectful of others (heck, she'll use honorifics with anybody, really). She doesn't cause any trouble and is helpful to others, so she'll usually get along with anybody. She is also kind of timid, a bit passive, and reserved. All in all, she looks to be just about your typical good girl. Although, that is only the facade in which she has to keep up, since she does not want others to find out about her little secret, and also because she believes that she'll break down if they don't see her as a normal person. However, one can manage to get close to Fujino if they can gain her trust well enough for her to actually confide in them about her insecurities.

Underneath her facade, she is quite mentally unstable and would seem as if she would break at any moment, were it not for the fact that she's barely clinging onto her facade. As Fujino is kind of weak-willed, she sees murder as a solution, since she sees that action as being okay in order to obtain some kind of inner peace, even though she is merely running away from the problem. She also does it because she likes to make others suffer, and would want to see more of their pain. However, she will still act like nothing is wrong and will continue to act normally. If confronted, she will deny it and say that she isn't a murderer, and will insist that she is normal.

Although her sense of pain has been healed and she can feel it now, she does tend to pent up about it sometimes, since she has been used to not feeling any sort of harm during her life (i.e. When Mikiya asked if her injured leg had hurt, and she merely shook her head). Unless the injury is major, then you can expect her to not say anything about it. On the other hand, Fujino rarely speaks up about emotional injuries, as she feels like it will burden others if she shares it. She'll even go as far as lying about the problem, although she is kind of terrible at it. But, most people won't pick up on what is wrong with her unless they're good enough to sense it (i.e. When Shiki met Fujino for the first time in a cafe, and immediately knew that something wasn't right with her). So, it's going to take a lot of prodding for her to announce it if they ever want to know on how she truly feels about something.


Fujino was born to the Asakami clan, one of the four major families of the Demon Hunter Organization. Her father was Asakami Hanefune, and her mother was Asakami Miyuki. It's not for sure whether her father died or if they got divorced, but either way, after the main branch collapsed, her mother got remarried to someone from the minor branch of Asagami, thus resulting in Fujino becoming the eldest daughter of that branch.

Since she inherited the telekinetic abilities of the Asakami clan, she was seen by the townspeople as a weird person of sorts, and as such, got harassed by them. On top of that, her step-father feared that her power would get out of control. So, he took her to a doctor that would give her a special kind of medication that would seal away her powers. As a side effect from taking it though, her sense of pain was also taken away.

As she did not want other people to see her as abnormal, Fujino tried to get through life by acting like a normal person, so that she herself wouldn't break down. It went well up until high school, where she got teased and raped periodically by a local gang. The harassment lasted for a year and a half, until she got struck from behind, which caused her sense of pain to randomly return. It finally made her feel alive, but it also made her feel murderous.

She then set out to get revenge on the gang by trying to kill them all, after there was a misunderstanding in which she thought that one of the members had stabbed her in the stomach with the knife, thus causing all the supposed abdominal pain she had. In actuality, she had it for a while, since her appendicitis was terminal, due to the fact that her step-father had stopped taking Fujino to the doctor after her powers had been sealed. Unfortunately, Minato Keita was the only one that had survived it, and he had gotten away after the carnage, so she took to trying to find him out of the fear that he might go to the police department and reveal what he had seen. After wandering around town for a while, she met a man named Souren Araya, who healed her cracked vertebrae and gave her back the sense of feeling pain completely.

After that, she went on to kill off Keita's acquaintances as she was finding him. Through it all, she developed a taste for murder, and she ended up killing an innocent driver out of her thirst for blood later on.

History at the FacilityEdit

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Tropes relating to her at A_FacEdit

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  • Moe- Nasu even commented that she's his most "straightforward moe" character! Agh, so...much...cute...
  • Mind Over Matter- Bending things with her eyes? Doesn't seem that interesting...until you find out what she really uses them for.
  • Evil is Sexy- Or in her case, adorable.
  • Most Common Superpower- This gets joked about a lot OOCly.
  • Love Makes You Evil- Not like anybody would be able to tell at a first glance, or even know who she's got the hots for. Of course, this trope leads up to...
  • Love Martyr- And boy, is she ever willing to endure it all.
  • Fan Nickname- And nearly all of them are about her boobs.
  • Stay in the Kitchen- In a non-literal sense, since she hasn't done much...yet. However, OOCly this sometimes gets joked around with.
  • Woobie- Given that it's Nasu who created her and all...
  • Break the Cutie- What happened to her in Week 103. Granted, the methods used on her were tame compared to the others, but at this point, she's already been shattered as it is.
  • Corrupt the Cutie- ...gdit Asura.

There's probably going to be more soon. Yeah.