The Church of Madness is the official name for the followers of Kishin Asura, those infected by his madness, or otherwise loyal to him.

It is never called this anyone, and is instead known OOCly as the Crazy Crew and ICly by any number of on the spot nicknames.


The Church has only one fundamental structural trait that remains unchanging-That Asura is the god and leader.

Other than that, the Church changes membership constantly, picking up and dropping members based on Asura's motivations and desires. Usually during F3 trips, membership rises and then falls upon return to F1.

Those that Asura sees particular value in are usually given a Clown purposefully to increase their strength. Other times, a Clown will find a potential member and will be the source of their recruitment.

Usual MembersEdit

God and Leader-Kishin Asura

Minion- Asagami Fujino

On again off again member- Justin Law

One time membersEdit

Jack Noir

Darc Nidellia

Cloud Strife

Patchouli Knowledge

Azure Kite


Orihara Izaya



The number one goal of the Church is to protect Asura.

That is also all the other goals, although it also desires to break out of the facility.


The Church has not actively done too much, as Asura is still gathering confidence in his minions. However, its presence has been a source of worry for some of the facility's other residents, due to the infectious and dangerous nature of the group.

Its most notable achievement was making use of Azure Kite under the power boost of a clown and Asura's insanity wavelength to actually infect the doctors and interns with madness; this caused radical and bizarre enviromental changes in the F3 trip to Whispering Rock, caused the Doctors to reveal some more of the nature of the facility and also allowed Orihara Izaya the chance to talk to the doctors, who allowed him to arrange week 103.

Thus it can be seen that the Church's mere presence is a serious threat to all of the test subjects.