D.E.C.K., or Defectors Effectively Countering Kidnappings, is an ongoing player plot involving a grand-scale rebellion against the Consortium. It is headed by John Egbert. Contact Mon for questions and concerns.

It is also an excuse to make a million card puns.


DECK is divided into five groups, each called Situation Unique Investigation Teams, or SUITS.

They consist of the four classic suits of a deck - SPADES, CLUBS, HEARTS, and DIAMONDS, as well as a fifth group - JOKERS. Each is explained in more detail below.

Work is not divided as small as the SUITS, members of DECK are often divided into teams. Most TEAMS are usually comprised of a sole SUIT, but are more often divided into goals, even if it involves multiple SUITS(For instance, a team trying to make a map of the entirety of the facilities might be comprised of members of both CLUBS and HEARTS). All teams will have a name issued to them by JOKERS after communicating the team members involved and the projected goal. Much rarer is structured teams by JOKERS themselves.

Leaders and Representatives: All SUITS, with the exception of JOKERS, has two effective 'leaders'. A out-and-out 'leader' (who coordinates more with the SUIT they're in charge of directly) and a JOKERS representative (Often communing with those in JOKERS and passing key information given to JOKERS to the Suit Leader). These two often have to work on collaborating together at least to keep the SUIT organized and functional.

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Subjects Producing Adverse Destruction Effects Simultaneously.

Head of SPADES
Lucky Seven (Ramona Flowers)
JOKERS Representative
Snapper (Jack Noir)

Primary Function: SPADES is effectively the brute force section of DECK, the people with the most experience in fighting, the people with the most power behind their blows, and the people most likely to cause a ton of destruction - or prevent destruction caused by powerful foes.

Duties: SPADES is responsible for the destruction of any Facility surveillance equipment, for major attack and defense preparations for DECK members when warranted, for being generally made of the strongest fighters in the facility that DECK could recruit.


Communications, Logistics, Utilities and Bureaucracy Section.

Head of CLUBS
Zipper (Peregrine Mendicant)
JOKERS Representative
Butterfly (Nara Shikamaru)

Primary Function: CLUBS serves as the section where all the important paperwork takes place - possessing the people who are more suited for support than combat, who have a skill that allows the SUITS to all stay linked together and generally undercover, while making sure everyone gets the supplies and information they need.

Duties: CLUBS is responsible for regulating all digital and non-digital information going to and from DECK members, including codewords, secret letters, and any developed exploits the rest of DECK can use.


High-Efficiency Active Reconnaissance and Tactics Squadron.

Head of HEARTS
Kanra (Orihara Izaya)
JOKERS Representative
Veritas (Terezi Pyrope)

Primary Function: HEARTS is... well, the heart of information gathering and subterfuge in DECK. People who are good at not being seen, people who are good at noticing things others don't - or knowing things others don't - and those good at all-around trickery and spying tend to wind up here.

Duties: Information Gathering, Scouting, Location of Facility Surveillance Equipment, Spying, Counter-Espionage, etc.


Directing Inter-Action Multi-Option Dynamic Specialists.

Ford (Sasha Nein)
JOKERS Representative
Sol (Sora)

Primary Function: DIAMONDS serve as the go-to group for... well, anything not listed in SPADES, CLUBS, or HEARTS. Or people who can effectively do many things that don't outright place them in SPADES, CLUBS, or HEARTS. They serve as the 'Special Operations' group of DECK and members of DIAMONDS are generally assigned to multi-SUIT squads to fill needed roles and goals. DIAMONDS will also be the first to hear of riskier ideas and developments that could either hamper or help DECK - and it's their job to see if DECK will benefit from it.

Duties: Special Operations, Additional Support to SPADES, HEARTS, and CLUBS. Experimental Developments and Plans, "Thinking Outside The Box"


Joint-Operative Key Executive Regulation Staff.

Head of JOKERS
Wind Waker (John Egbert)

Primary Function: JOKERS is the head of all four SUITS - SPADES, HEARTS, DIAMONDS and CLUBS, and oversees each one. The few people who make up Jokers are often the key movers and shakers - At least one person from each SUIT will be part of the JOKERS council, with key strategists most likely to get the spot over SUIT leaders - who have entirely different roles. JOKERS is the key organization crew in DECK - comprised of either those important to the Rebellion, those who excel at (or in some cases, are forced) solo work.

Duties: Organization, Structure, Long-Term Goals, Management, Leadership, Direction.

Goals & ObjectivesEdit

Patchouli's Magic Spell
Facility Mapping
The Great Debugging of 2010/2011


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