Everything is designed to be neutral. The walls, floor, and ceiling are spotless white and blend seamlessly into each other. Every room is identical, with white linens on the bed and furniture in brushed steel. There is no life outside of the 'rats', and no exits to the outside. No windows, no views of the outside world.

Basic needs are met. All meals consist of nutritious food bars that taste like cardboard and bottles of water. The rooms have clothes that are refreshed once a week automatically, made to match the 'rat's' usual attire. The temperature is completely neutral, and outside of the personal rooms, the fluorescent lights never turn off. There are clocks, set to a 27 hour day, scattered around the facility. Every Sunday all damage is repaired. Changes made to personal rooms are kept, but everything outside of a personal room, including the closets, are reset to exactly they were in the beginning.

Each room is equipped with a bed, dresser, desk, communicator, and closet. Rooms are clumped together in groups of four, with a single bathroom and a communal living space to share. The living space has two couches (futons in brushed steel with white cushions), a table with four chairs (more brushed steel), and a TV that shows nothing but nature scenes. All of the furniture in the communal living space is bolted to the floor except for the chairs.

Outside of the suites, there is a cafeteria with long tables and benches, if anyone wants to eat their bars there. The bars and bottles of water are dispensed from a machine (with no instructions on it). Everything is bolted to the floor. On the back wall there is a first aid kit, like you would find at a gym or office building. It has bandages, gauze, tape, some painkillers, those little instant ice packs, and antibiotic goop.

There is also an enormous enclosed area, the size of a stadium, called the entertainment area. The ceiling is about fifty feet high, and the room measures 100 yards by 100 yards. There are no support pillars to get in the way. There are board games piled on a shelf, basketballs and hoops in one corner, and various pieces of recreational equipment. There are art supplies, including markers, crayons, glue, finger paint, colored paper, even glitter. There is a pile of cushions that can be used for sitting (more white). Along one wall is a large selection of books. They are out of date, but there is quite a selection. Think along the lines of 'War and Peace', 'The Odyssey', and women's journals from the 1920's. The shelves are bolted to the walls so they can't be moved.

The entertainment area also has a karaoke machine with stage, a grand piano, an area for dance practice with barre and mirrors, other instruments including a clarinet, flute, oboe, and trumpet, and a pool table.

On the opposite side of the facility there is a massive indoor garden, the only color to be found. It includes live grass, a winding stream, and a waterfall. The trees are large, mature, and usually in bloom. There are flowers planted along the paths. The ceiling is dome shaped and has a projected sky with clouds moving across it.

3D images made by Dilly.