The postal service is a system that allows the subjects to communicate without using the faciliberries. It was started by PM.

It is utilized by DECK for recruitment and the discussion of plans.

How it worksEdit

Room 35-C is the drop-off point for letters and parcels. Deliveries are made twice a day. Posters can be found in the rec room and cafeteria with mail regulations and procedures for addressing mail.

In the event that the subjects are carted off to F3, a new drop-off point near a distinctive landmark is established as soon as possible (e.g., in Camp Whispering Rock, the post office was inside the Lodge).

The official letter carriers are PM and Riku. Volunteers for this are always welcome.

How to post a letterEdit

1. Post to a_facility with [mail] in the subject line. There is a [letter] tag that you can use, if you want.

2. Include the following information:

<b>Return address</b>: [room number]
<b>Address</b>: [room number]
<b>Safe delivery</b>: [Y/N]

Saying yes to a safe delivery means that the recipient definitely got their mail intact -- either no one touched it before they could get to it, or PM gave it to them in person.

Saying no means there is a chance someone will steal it or mess with the contents! (You can also arrange OOCly for them to be stolen/damaged/etc, as a plot requires.)

3. Post the letter under a cut. Drawings are allowed, but please keep any images under a cut or a link. If it is a parcel, describe both its outer appearance and its contents.

4. Only recipients may reply to mail posts! Exceptions include, of course, people who want to mess with the package before the recipient can get to it. If it's something really odd, suitemates or anyone who would have reason to notice it can also respond. Basically, only [in person] replies.