A hallmark of Facility is the level of violence between the subjects, and, in particular, the penchant for brawls. In order to facilitate this, there is a fight system. Of sorts.

All of this is optional. If a pair of writers decide they want a fight to end a certain way, that is perfectly fine. If a writer comes into a group fight wanting their character to not make it out alive, that can be arranged. This is primarily for a group fight where people need to know the level of damage, fighting with NPCs, or fights that are too close to call. As always, ask a mod or TA if there are any questions or clarity needed.

Ranking SystemEdit

On the room assignments, there is a number from 1 to 10 after every character's name. This is the character's fight ranking. This is measured with the subject unnerfed, and is provided as a guideline between fandoms. For characters that have different forms that significantly affect their ability to fight, there will be more than one number. If your character is a 4, we don't recommend picking a fight with the neighbor that is ranked as a 9. If a fight does break out, the stronger character has the option to modify their damage roll with the difference between their rankings.

The ranking generally goes as such:

1 - A character that has no combat skills or experience, generally not equipped for a fight

5 - This is the breaking point between the natural and the supernatural. Characters at 5 and above have supernatural abilities of some sort.

10 - Completely terrifying. Can destroy planets without weapons.

Damage RollEdit

So you're decided to get involved in a brawl. Congratulations! The plotting usually takes place in a journal post or the chat room. A mod or a TA can roll for damage. This will be a number on a scale from 1-10 (we're using a d10). 1 is not much more than a paper cut, 10 is death. 5 is generally considered a broken limb and some general bruising. Be creative with the injuries and how they got them! Also, if the roll is pretty hard to believe, the group can always vote to re-roll for someone. The dice are used to help, and are not the end all, be all of the fight results. However, just because you lost does not mean a reroll. Re-rolls are usually reserved for 10s and 1s.

Damage ReportEdit

These can be posted by anyone. This is an OOC way of telling everyone the outcome of a fight, particularly structural damage, debris, and unconscious fighters laying about. Good rule of thumb, if it's something the other characters would notice (the cafeteria is missing a wall), post a damage report. There is no format for it, but do tag it with damage report.

Violence PolicyEdit

Generally, anything goes. Just friends-lock any fight that is going to get graphically bloody or include any form of torture. Put warnings up on your logs so that people know what is going on.