GIR is a major character that plays minor roles in Jhonen Vasquez's hit series Invader Zim.

GIR is a robot that was scooped up out of an Irken trashcan in order to serve pseudo-Invader Zim. He is small, hyperactive, and loves to eat anything he can fit into his mouth. He has a tendency to overreact to anything and everything happening around him, and generally feels emotions to an extreme. He is on both the good lists of other subjects as well as the bad lists, but doesn't necessarily count anyone as an enemy.

GIR and all his GLORY!!!
Species Robot
Age Unspecified
Gender Male
Room Number 13A
Week Joined 101
Affiliations Hackers
Apped from End of Invader Zim
Mun Lindsey


Gir is a little robot, standing just at 2 feet tall, with a couple inches added thanks to the little antenna sticking up from the top of his head. He has a cylindrical build, smooth and round with minimal angularity. At the top of his head is a wide, flat circular plane, narrowing about the bottom of the unit. His neck is pencil thin and his body is narrow about the shoulders before widening out about his legs. His arms and legs are thin, widening about his feet units and having little claw-like digits. His shoulders are two small balls and over his tummy is a square-shaped unit. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose. Gir's body is a light silver-gray, leaving his shoulders, large scope eyes, tummy square and antenna ball receiver-thing a bright teal.

Gir doesn't usually keep this form. Most of the time, he's seen wearing disguises. His most commonplace disguise is a bright green dog suit with a zipper on the chest, black ears, arms, legs, and tail. The eyes are lazy and often look in two different directions at once. Despite being in a costume, Gir is expressive and can even eat in this guise. He can also manipulate his tail and ears and express tears through the costume when he's sad.

Other disguises consist of a black cat and Government man, but those are only used for special occasions when rescuing his master and are not part of his usual package.


Gir is a robot. He is an information retrieval unit, albeit a trashed and outdated model. He is virtually indestructible, but can somehow still self-destruct and enjoys doing so. He can also have his program units transferred to other computers or electronic devices, and he can hack into systems without really thinking about it. Not that he thinks much anyway. He can also store anything and everything inside of his body, mainly food, in place of important things such as software programs, ammunition, and fuel. Gir also has the free will to make such decisions to store food rather than robot necessities. He also can fire missiles, lasers, and has rocket boosters installed in his feet.


Gir is a whimsical little beast. He's normally kind-hearted and is rare to ever pull a weapon on anyone, unless his master Zim orders him to (with the exception of when Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff, when something happens to rewire his system and rather than being goofy, he returns to what a normal SIR unit would act like). He's also scatterbrained, wild, childish, and at times, stupid. He acts nothing like a regular SIR unit should, and is known to only sometimes follow orders. There have been instances where GIR has expressed discontent with orders he's given, as well as doubt as to the processes of his masters' plans, but goes along with them anyway.

Gir can also be described as empty-headed. He focuses more on what he wants right then and there, than what he might need in the near or distant future. He also tends to focus on the pleasures of human life rather than the mission he was sent on to destroy it. Being a trashed and outdated model of the SIR unit, Gir is mostly not all there, and often spouts nonsense. Gir also loves food, and eat food, despite being a robot. He also doesn't seem to get rid of food naturally after having consumed it, so it's safe to say that his systems defy the Law of Relativity and make the food Gir consumes disappear altogether. He also loves to cook food. Mainly waffles, which usually have odd, obscure ingredients, such as peanuts and soap.

Canon HistoryEdit

Gir was created as a SIR unit, but was trashed as a defect. He spent most of whatever life he had in the trash until Invader Zim came up to retrieve a SIR (Standard issue Information Retrieval) unit. He was retrieved from the trash, and was given a screw, gumball, two cents, and a paperclip straight from the Almighty Tallest Purple's pocket and he was somehow able to activate and function. He was then sent on the mission to destroy Earth with his new master, Invader Zim. Once they set out on their journey to Earth, Gir entertained Zim with his Doom Song, which lasted from the start of their journey to the very end when they landed.

On Earth, Gir served as Zim's watch dog, information retrieval unit, and is sometimes given the task to teaching other robots how to function. He doesn't do well at his jobs, if he even does them at all, and often becomes more of a hindrance to Zim's plans rather than a help. Throughout his stay with Zim, Gir became more of a companion than an assistant to Zim. On one occasion, his programing was transferred from his little robot body to the main supercomputer in Zim's home, and took full control, lasting a full year before Zim offered him tacos, and threatened to not give them to him until he changed back.

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