Justin Law
Justin Law Profile
The Explosive Executioner
Species Human/Weapon
Age 17
Gender Male
Room Number 24-A
Week Joined 75
Affiliations It's complicated
Apped from Post chapter 69 of the manga
Mun Hydok

Justin Law

His complete application can be found here. Since I am lazy everything on this page will be about changes that have happened in game and any canon information can be found in his application.

He has a page on the Soul Eater wiki. Note: that wiki contains both anime and manga information. I'm playing him strictly from the manga canon.


This is justin

Scars: Scar on neck from decapitation by evil twin in Venice. Burn scars on legs and back from week 103.

Barcode: lower back

Clothing: No symbols on his robes, no necklace. He has his headphones, as of week 104.


He is possessed by one of Asura's clowns. This only really affects him in F3.


Justin is one of those people who the facility breaks pretty quickly. While the experiments themselves rarely bother him, the backlash of things that happened in canon have done a lot to mess with his head. Firstly, his canonmates are all aware of his betrayal of Shibusen and his siding with Asura, as well as the fact that he was part of the group that kidnapped Death the Kid, and therefore treated Justin as an enemy when he first arrived. Then, after doing his best to smooth things over with his canonmates, his first F3 trip revealed that he was in fact still possessed by one of the Kishin Asura's clowns. So every F3 trip, he goes completely and totally insane, unless for some reason the clown is removed or suppressed by a gold collar. This cycle of sanity and insanity is not helping his mental or emotional stability, and he's slipping further and further into madness.

In F1, this means that he's isolating himself more and more from others, on top of his already reclusive personality. He's the suitemate you don't really see, the person who stalks the network but doesn't post.

In F3, he's a bit more active, ready and willing to do Asura's dirty work, and smirking all the while. He's not quite at the giggling-at-the-moon stage of insanity, but he's getting there.