Kishin Asura
How could you not trust this face?
Species Kishin
Age Over 800 years old
Gender Male
Room Number 36D-A
Week Joined 84
Affiliations Crazy Crew, himself
Apped from Soul Eater
Mun Malicious Insect

Asura is The Kishin, a Demon God of Madness from Soul Eater. He is occasionally the leader of the ragtag ever changing group, the 'Crazy Crew.' He has a fight rating of 10.

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Asura is fairly tall, and incredibly skinny, although he looks to be quite young. He has a third eye on his forehead, three eye markings on his hands, and on the scarves made from his own skin over his face he has, you guessed it, three eye marks. His hair is black and quite messy, but each strand has a white mark which repeats his eye theme. In canon, the last we saw him he was practically naked apart from bandages he made from his own skin, but in the Facility he has found have six suits of various colours worn one over the other, a pair of very cute (extremely adorable, serious) shoes, and a pair of white gloves. He usually keeps his scarves wrapped around his face, sometimes exposing his mouth, sometimes not.


Asura is the Meister to end all Meisters-even before coming a Kishin, Shinigami thought of him as an equal in Meisterdom. From that, it can be assumed he has all the skills a Meister would possess-a keen skill with weapons, the ability to see souls and he seems to be able to perform a technique similar to Soul Menace, the ability to use his soul wavelength as a direct weapon through contact. His seems to be incredibly powerful-tiny, almost accidental looking touches completely devastate those struck, even whilst he was not yet fully awakened, and he can send a shockwave from his body that completely destroyed Shinigami’s shield.

He became a Kishin, or demon god, by devouring hundreds of innocent human souls, and is the only Kishin it successfully complete the transformation.
As a Kishin, his wavelength is so massive that it can spread across the entire world. This itself wouldn’t be too terrible if it weren’t for the fact that his wavelength spreads and awakens the madness within those in its range. Those who are already unstable experience the descent into their own personal form of madness much faster and the closer one is to him, the more intense the effect. In fact, even with his power sealed, being around him causes people to hallucinate-and had the so far unreplicated feat of causing those effected to almost commit suicide. With effort, he can likely drive people in his presence to madness much faster. Now that he has been released, his wavelength is strong enough that it can actually form living beings, The Clowns, living embodiments of madness. If he does this on purpose or not is unknown.
Similarly, he can likely perform Madness Attacks, causing intense hallucinations which harshly effect those caught in them, similarly to Arachne and Justin’s Madness Attacks.
He can, by performing prayer like actions, create large circles of energy which can act as shields, battering rams or fire massive energy blasts-even when weakened and blocked, this blasts cause serious damage to Death City.
Thanks to his scarves being made from his skin, he is able move them as he wishes-he also has some degree of control over his body’s form, being able to open his mouth wider than his head, pull his skin into clothing etc.
He can also fly under his own power, and is very fast when he does.
He can create dummies, copies of himself that possess no real physical form, that are good enough to fool even Shinigami until cut. These dummies can even move and speak, and he is able to swap places with one fast enough not to be noticed.

He probably has some form of immortality, as Shinigami sealed him away as opposed to kill him, even going so far as root himself to a single spot to prevent his escape, which would be a weird thing to do if he could just kill him. He also survived having his skin torn off and blood drained away, so he’s very hard to kill anyway. Asura mostly just takes attacks head on with little worry, as in most cases they won’t harm him-those that will, he simply regenerates from swiftly. He’s also very durable, a full on barrage from Death the Kid not even scratching him. Even direct attacks from Shinigami don’t hurt him badly.

Due to his apparently unique ability to swallow a weapon whole and have it become a part of his body, he has become one with Vajira, who takes the weapon form of a Vajira (Yes, confusing), a ritual object of Buddhism and Hinduism, although this particular one has an unusually spear like tip. Using Vajira as a focus, he can shoot more rapid, smaller energy blasts than his prayer like beams, or alternatively, a far larger beam than those. He can also use it for a human drill attack, diving face first into his target.
Vajira was probably a Death Scythe, as the weapon seems to change size and shape like all Death Scythes can-Asura can control Vajira’s form according to his will.

During his revival, he was injected with Black Blood-as he had no blood of his own at the time, this means that his entire blood supply is black. Black Blood is a powerful madness based tool, which allows those infected by it to gain greater power by using madness-as Asura is a being of pure madness, he doesn’t really have any downsides to having it. In others, Black Blood has been shown to increase physical strength, make a user nigh indestructible, and grant incredible regenerative abilities.

All in all, he is the single strongest being in the Soul Eater world. The only threat to him is a combination of Shinigami and a Death Scythe- even then it would have to be an exceptionally strong example (such as Spirit Albarn), and that simple equals the playing field.

He probably isn’t vulnerable to power of friendship heart of the cards the power was in you all along there's no place like home putting courage in my fist bullshit.


Eight hundred years before the canon began, Asura was a member of Shinigami’s Eight Powerful warriors. He was the strongest of the eight, and because of this he never had to rely on team work to protect himself, and so never learnt to trust his teammates. Instead, he came to trust in power over anything else, and attempted to sooth his tortured mind by gaining more power. Eating innocent souls, he became a Kishin, and in the process, he devoured his partner, Vajra and two other of the Eight Powerful warriors, reducing them to five including himself and Shinigami.
Somehow, Asura was defeated before the world was destroyed by his madness, and he was sealed in a bag of his own skin, drained of his blood. He remained there for eight hundred years, until Medusa’s group successfully injected him with a huge mass of Black Blood, reviving him. He confronted Shinigami, but the god was overpowered and Asura escaped outside of the range of Shinigami’s power. Deciding then that he would simply leave Shinigami trapped in Death City, Asura fled.