Liberty. Reason. Justice.
Civility. Edification. Perfection.
Species Carapace/Prospitan
Age ???
Gender Female
Room Number 35-C
Week Joined 92
Affiliations DECK
Apped from Homestuck, Act 4
Mun Yubi

The Peregrine Mendicant, or PM, is an exiled Prospitan letter carrier who runs the Facility Postal Service. She has a fight ranking of 4.0.

Under the codename Zipper, she is the suit leader of CLUBS.

Her complete application can be found here.

She also has a page on the MSPA wiki.


As a Prospitan, PM has a white carapace, a bald rounded head, and perfectly black eyes (no sclera). She's tall and lanky and dressed in grey rags that cover her head in a fitted hood but leave her arms and legs bare. She has no need for shoes and goes barefoot. On each hand, she has three fingers that end in pointed claws. On the inside of her right wrist is a barcode tattoo that resembles a chess board.

At her waist she wears a makeshift scabbard containing an ornate black Regisword. Other items in PM's possession are a box of coloured chalk (a gift from WV) and a blue toy squid (from AR). Unlike several Homestuck characters, PM does not have an inventory system.


PM has no supernatural powers. Going by other members of her species (such that it is, since they were all cloned out of tubes) and her history, she can go very long without adequate shelter or food -- although she still needs them to survive. Her carapace is tougher than human skin, though not greatly so.

PM has excellent reflexes after years of post-apocalyptic survival. She can wield a sword with ease, with more speed and brutality than actual finesse. The sword itself is made of some extremely durable material, still sharp and intact after who knows how long.

PM can theoretically benefit from wearing a queen's prototyped ring. (It is uncertain if the Derse Queen's ring could work on a Prospitan, or vice versa; it definitely does not work on humans.) The ring gives the wearer physical traits unique to each Sburb session. In this case, she would gain crow wings, tentacles, catlike facial features, a mangled jester hat, a katana through the abdomen, a scar over one eye, and the loss of one arm. Any other powers are a matter of conjecture and not yet confirmed, particularly the unknown fourth prototyping.

EDIT: It is now confirmed that the fourth prototyping is with Bec, Earth's First Guardian, which gives the wearer apparent omnipotence.


PM has an infallible work ethic and dedication to duty. She takes pride in her job as a postal mistress and will go to almost any length to complete a task. During her years of exile, this gave her the will to stay alive and keep going, but also developed into a near-obsession with the postal service as a way to hold on to some shred of civilization. Protip: Don't question the importance of mail when she's around.

PM is intelligent, optimistic, and friendly, although isolation has made her awkward around others: She might fumble in conversation, zone out, or wander off without realizing it. (Pointing this out will net you an embarrassed apology, but it's going to take time for her to get used to interacting with people.)

PM's role in the Prospit-Derse war left a deep mark on her psyche. While on the battlefield she witnessed the slaughter of both armies, and was forced herself to commit murder. She isn't so raw now (she holds no resentment for Dersites in general; they were pawns like her, after all) but in times of stress or shock, her temper can flare. Violently. She is not happy about this aspect of herself, and she would very much prefer peaceful resolutions to conflict. Before her involvement in the war, PM was a noncombatant who never lifted a weapon in her life, and even though she keeps the sword on hand at all times, it's a tool for survival and not for hurting others.


PM is a game construct, genetically engineered in a tube and programmed to fulfill certain purposes in a given Sburb session. Individual sessions will generate different versions of her, and this one is from the game played by John, Dave, Rose, and Jade.

Or, since that explained absolutely nothing: PM is an agent of the light kingdom of Prospit. Prospit and Derse are and have always been at war, with the main conflict taking place in the heart of Skaia. In the solar system in this universe, Skaia is at the centre and closely orbited by Prospit, with the player's planets some distance away. Derse is very far away indeed, behind a belt of meteors. Prospit and Derse each have one moon connected to them via massive chain links. These moons are where the dream-selves of the players reside.

At the time of her introduction, she was a Parcel Mistress on a mail route through John's planet. Jade's dream-self had charged her with delivering a green box to John, and PM had received a message from John requesting the Sburb Beta envelope. Both of these items had been confiscated by an Authority Regulator. PM managed to get the envelope from him, but the box proved a bit trickier.

Her pursuit of it took her deep into the dark kingdom, where it had ended up on Archagent Jack Noir's desk. Jack gave her the Regisword and an absurd bargain: Assassinate the white king and queen, bring him the crowns, and only then would he hand the package over. More out of confusion than compliance, she returned to Prospit and sought an audience with the White Queen, to report everything that had occurred.

PM probably did not expect the queen to respond by abdicating.

The queen gave PM the crown to trade for the box, and the ring for safekeeping; furthermore, she was to find the White King for further instruction. PM obeyed, boarding the shuttle to the battlefield on Skaia, but not before a Courtyard Droll pickpocketed the ring.

At this point, Jack Noir was carrying out his own plan to seize control of both kingdoms, and had instructed the Hegemonic Brute to tail PM on the battlefield. HB waited until PM had obtained the king's crown and sceptre before attacking her. In the scuffle, the sceptre was thrown over a waterfall and lost. (The fate of the White King, whether he was killed or managed to get to safety, is unknown.)

PM recovered her wits enough to fight back, slicing HB's head off. She then used HB's radio to summon Jack, having completed her side of the bargain. He handed the box over, either out of respect for the deal or believing he still controlled its contents. PM soon found John and finally completed her delivery.

She was exiled to Earth some time later. The circumstances of this are not sufficiently known; it is likely she had nothing left to go back to after the war, but whether she was forced to leave or otherwise, who knows. Sburb allows for a few Prospitans or Dersites to go to the players' planet and rebuild civilization there, and PM was one of these. Now known as the Peregrine Mendicant, she set off to wander the desert.

In the year 2422, 413 years after the kids played Sburb, PM discovered the Helipod Base. PM entered it to find a computer terminal, where she commanded the pod to fly back to its home location. In the middle of the journey, she continued to investigate the computer's functions, until it displayed Jade engaged in some kind of battle. PM recognized her, but when she attempted communication the terminal blew up.

The helipod soon landed at a frog temple, where two other exiles had gathered: an Aimless Renegade and the Wayward Vagabond, a Derse soldier who led an unsuccessful rebellion against the Black King. After an initial misunderstanding (that involved AR shooting at them with a rocket launcher and killing one of the helipod's sentry worms), they befriended each other and sat down to a meal provided by WV.

At the same time, WV gave PM a blue parcel. Along with it was a letter from Jade, with specific instructions on how to send it to the past, which PM bemusedly followed. WV also introduced PM to his skyship base which contained a terminal identical to the helipod's one. This one showed John instead of Jade, and was capable of sending subliminal commands to him without exploding. PM recognized him and helped John traverse the Land of Wind and Shade. Together they started the sequence of events that ensured PM's mission was, at last, complete. (This sounds terribly cryptic, but she just told John to write/carve a request for the Sburb envelope and send it through the post, ensuring that her past self would receive the request and send her off after AR... and so on.)

(Soon after that, the Windswept Questant -- the self-exiled White Queen -- appeared at the temple. WV and AR presented her with a handmade crown, which WQ gave to PM as payment for services rendered. WQ also apparently knew that WV had the ring safely hidden all this time, and asked him to reveal it. These events imply that PM is the queen of the new world with all the symbols and powers of that office, but no one really knows what's happening here, much less PM herself. Until this cliffhanger is resolved, the PM that arrives at the Facility has not yet spoken with WQ.)

EDIT: It is now confirmed that PM is intended to become the Prospitan Monarch, although as of the last update she is not in possession of the ring. The PM in the Facility is aware of these events, having spoken to WQ.