Sasha Nein
Calm, Intelligent, German, Psychonaut. Is there anything uncool about Sasha Nein?
Species Human/Psychic
Age 32
Gender Male
Room Number 13D
Week Joined 16
Apped from Mid-Game
Mun user:Amanda2

Sasha is a character from the most amazing game of Psychonauts. He has been at the Facility since May of 2009. He is the leader of DIAMONDS and resident psychological help.

He, Eddie, Sollux and Feferi have taken over suite 30. Poor Demyx.

Appearance Edit

Sasha is tall and a bit on the thin side. He has pale skin and very short black hair, his eyes are of an unknown color due to him always wearing amber-colored shades. He is seen in black slacks, a black jacket and gloves with an amber and brown turtleneck shirt.


Sasha is a psychic, a very powerful one none the less. Instead of being able to just bend a spoon like we ’ooh’ and ’aww’ at, he can blow stuff up with his mind. That’s right, mind bullets. At the very least he has all the abilities of level 100 Raz

Telekinesis: Can move objects with his mind. Levitation: He can use this ability to levitate himself, also

Invisibility: I think the name says it all.

Pyrokinesis: The ability to set things and people on fire. With his mind. Clairvoyance: Allows him to see through someone else’s (or something’s) eyes.

Shield: At level one, it can protect himself from damage, at level two he can uses it offensively against melee attacks and send the attack right back at the one who did it. At level three, the melee will be thrown back and damage the one who sent it at him.

Confusion: AKA Sensory Scramble. With this ability he can stun enemies or even make them attack themselves or others.

Energy projection: His mind bullets, he takes his rage and uses it to fire lasers. Something he is an expert at

Telepathy: He can read people’s minds and communicate via it. Can use a Psycho-Portal to enter your mind.


He has a controlled personality, not one to easily panic or go off guard. He looks at things through logic. He sets his priorities and follows through with them not letting other things get into the way. Sasha has a very mathematical mind and will think too much on something (almost as if he is in his own little world.) He is often seen down in his lab working on expanding his knowledge. He cares little for the fame being a top-class Psychonaut had brought him, and in fact doesn’t even seem to notice that people idolize him.

His mind is portrayed as a black-gray-white cube in which he keeps things hidden away and controlled. But he will even admit it isn’t good to be 100 percent controlled all the time (his mind has often been related to ‘Obsession’ in fact that many figments of his imagination are of cockroaches and cleaning items. While the others seem to relate to his childhood.)

Psychonauts HistoryEdit

Sasha was born in Germany as the son of a shoemaker. His mother was a sweet woman who loved her son very much but grew sick and died when he was young. His father fell into a depression leaving Sasha with many questions about just who his mother was. When Sasha was in his tweens he decided to ask his father about her and alas was brushed off about it. So, he used his psychic ability to delve into his mind. He saw that his father thought of Sasha’s mother as a wonderful woman and is surely in Heaven. But, Sasha delved a bit too deeply and saw that his father did see his mom as a sexual figure and quite truthfully that freaked Sasha out so he promptly ran away from home. Once he was out on the streets he got a job working at a lamp-factory making Tiffany styled lamps and had a miserable time doing so (to this day he has an extreme hatred for the lamps considering them ’So ugly that they must die’ and that when one is destroyed the world is a better place. In his mind, the Lamp Factory is seen as a Metropolis-style building with fire shooting out of it.)

He eventually left the Factory and got a job as a ’Psychonaut’ a secret-agent for Psychic affairs that fight the bad guys in their own minds. He was partnered up with Milla Vodello- The Mental Minx- and a specalist in levitation. Together they became the stuff of Psychonaut legend (all the little spoon benders want to grow up to be them) and eventually they became camp counselors down at ‘Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp’. During summer orentation one day, the hero of the game (Raz) snuck into camp and interested Sasha intensely (wanting to perform experiments on him and help him with his growth as a psychic. He sees Rasputin as a short version of himself.) and thus once Raz passed ’basic braining’ he told Raz to meet him in his lab and put him into the ’Brain Tumbler’. But, the young Psycho-Cadet needed various tools and he sent Raz to get the things needed (such as Marksmanship-Training permission and an Oarsman’s badge to learn to levitate ) but right after he sent Raz in for the last time, he would be brought here.

In Game History Edit

Sasha arrived at the Facility on May 11th, confused considering one moment he was working on the Brain Tumbler and with his newest test subject, Razputin Aquato. After he was filled in Sasha went and saw a fight happened where he met one Samus Aran and entered her mind to try and help her out of a coma she had fallen into (and thought she was a robot).

Soon after that was Snake Week, where he took a snake to use as one of his personal spies to look for a weak spot in the Facility hoping to find a way out. Well, he did gather some information but before he could spread the information about, he was turned into a child. He was homesick, missed his father and Aunt, and made a few friends. Then after that week he opened up a hidden warehouse, he then spent the week cleaning it out completely to the point where the interns hated him just a little for it.

Then everyone became doped up, and he unfortunately got his personality reversed into being something akin to Milla. Finally, at one point he got to meet his mother. Or at least her ghost. It was interesting and brought him a little closure in finally getting to find out things about her. Little things, such as what was her favorite color. Things that would fill up a hole he knew he had. Razputin had come sometime during these events and would also bring about Sasha feared would happen.

Two months after being brought here, a flesh-eating bacteria swept through the facility which Razputin caught and spread to Sasha. Two days later, Raz died (and would be better the next week!) and the infection he had spread to Sasha now spread onto parts of Sasha, his hand and foot. The flesh from the foot was removed as was the hand. Luckily, come the next week, the arm was brought back with a scar where the amputation happened, about midway up his right arm. He also gained a pair of cat ears and a tail, something from the 'Loveless' universe also showing off that he was in fact, a virgin. Lili had also arrived and soon Milla would be following right behind her.

He then got to go home. Until the end of summer and then brought back, now knowing that Razputin will become a Psychonaut and is a hero. He refused to tell the young man any of this of course so not to change the course of the future. Sasha also started to help Emmett with a play called 'Rent', where he was cast in a role for it.

In August, they went to Manhattan though, he caught a cold while his evil twin decided to cause chaos, verbally tearing down Lili, almost killing Raz, and decided to use Milla's own feelings against her by telling her that Sasha loved her. While he did, he wasn't ready to admit it because he didn't want to ruin a good thing. But, they both agreed they felt more than friendship for the other. Well, Sasha still killed his evil twin and called it a day to go nurse the cold.

Once he got back home, he was given a few more scars. He got into a fight with Freddy Kruger, who cut up his back and carved F and K into the psychic's hands. He told no one of his wounds and he went to go lock Freddy up after being a teenager for a week again (he was such a little hellraiser!.

Then, in November, everyone but a few lost their minds and started to kill each other. Only he seems to remember once that week was over. Then in December he decided to show he was a Secret agent for a reason as he was able to milk information from the Doctors while fooling them completely. But he also go to realize one of his greatest wishes at the end of the month of December. He was married to Milla for a week.

The next few months passed relatively unaffected besides having to wipe away a few memories when asked to of a series of unfortunate circumstances before ending up in Victorian London.

As the Noah of Guile.

For the time there, he was killing, torturing and considered it all to be alright. In the name of God as he had become one of the Villains of the D. Gray-Man universe. Finally at the end, he was Exorcise of the demon the doctors had put into him and killed. He was then guilt ridden even though it wasn't his fault. He wasn't in control but he didn't see it as that. He saw it as he let himself be controlled and he wasn't strong enough to fight it. Most people forgave him, some became weary. In May, a year had passed and he couldn't believe it.

In April, he decided he wanted to marry Milla and proposed.

A year he had become most people's counselor, seen things he never thought he would, been things, and tried his damnest to at least turn down the fires of hell for the people at the Facility. He even made more friends, in particular Tsunade, Komui Li and Emmett Honeycutt (Of all people...) along with finding out he had a barcode placed by the corner of his eye that reads V1.1.

June passed and in July, Milla was terminated. It hurt him and he tried to cover it up, luckily Eddie Riggs decided to leech himself onto the man because he was calling 'bull crap' with Sasha's act.

He spent the rest of July mourning, August thinking and finally at the start of September he came to a conclusion. Milla wouldn't have wanted Sasha to hide in her memory forever. She wouldn't want him to be like his father and chase after ghosts while there was a world of living around him. So while in NeoGenesis- in the Abyss level. He took off his engagement ring and decided to move it onto a necklace.

Two days later, he was kidnapped by the Slavers running about this level. He would fight them to the best of his abilities san Psychic ones (due to getting a concussion rendering that part of his brain mildly useless at the moment) where he was abused in more ways than one. When he was freed he spent the next few beds nursing his physical wounds knowing he would have to go start working soon.

The next week, he started to visit people- Sora, Jet, Ishtar, Axel- just to name a few to help them become better while dealing with an issue he and Emmett had. Emmett told Sasha he was one of the men that abused the psychic and Sasha, quite honestly, knew he couldn't deal with that part of his mind at the moment so denied it.

He was bound to a troll by the name of Equius, and went to go fix Temari in her own mind. The following which, he spent the next week having a small nervous breakdown because of Emmett telling him that he told other people about the incident in Abyss, and finally seeing Eddie as more than a friend when the roadie showed literary knowledge.

Then they went to Venice where he went on a date with Tsunade before his Evil Twin decided to sell his soul to Sebastian. But then Eddie decided to post a shirtless video. At the time, Komui was there and got to see Sasha's reaction and found out Sasha's secret.

He was in love with Eddie Riggs.

Obviously this couldn't be right! He loved Milla! He was faux-dating Tsunade! He loved Eddie too. Eddie was dependable, warm, funny, and saw him only as Sasha. It made him feel good. Komui said that Sasha should make a move on Eddie, but Sasha was too scared to. HE was also faux-dating Tsunade. So when he went to save her from her evil twin, she kissed him and him feeling caught up in the moment and of being a hero kissed back.

Eddie saw this and looked hurt and Sasha assumed it was because Eddie MUST HAVE liked Tsunade. So he planned to go tell Eddie it was alright and go for Tsunade, they were just friends but his evil twin made it to Eddie first and told the Roadie that Sasha was too good for him and deserved a nice woman. This hurt Eddie a lot. Now Sasha is trying to fix this relationship while being heart broken he let this happen.

Luckily, things didn't get as fucked up as he thought it would between him and Eddie, as they are back being attached to the hip and Sasha trying to flirt now. Tsunade told him that Eddie must have liked him, but Sasha is selling himself short about it.

Then he found out they are all copies of the originals- clones. Sasha and Eddie bonded and cuddled.

The next week was uneventuful for Sasha as he was turned once more into a child, followed by the next week having BUGS underneath his skin. OH GOD BUGS, while Eddie was away being canon updated.

Well, when Eddie came back, he did something shocking. He said the day he forgot Sasha would be the 'shittiest' day of his life, then kissed Sasha. Sasha returned the kiss. They admitted their feelings for each other. Now, just as Milla was his first girlfriend, Eddie is now his first boyfriend.

All was peaceful for the next few weeks, and Sasha came to the shocking realization while at Whispering Rock, he considers Tyki family. The next week he spend relaxing followed by facing his shadow who decied to be a crazy, id driven jerk. But it was all good. Then in week 103 due to Izaya's experiments he was tortured and abused in many ways. This is resulting in him dwelling too much and slowly losing the will to talk. But in week 104 he decided to adopt Lili and gather as many of his 'kids' into one area as possible.

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