IC TerminologyEdit

The Doctors: The bastards in charge responsible for keeping them trapped.

The Interns: The menials that work for the bastards and write those obnoxious observations.

The Consortium: The bastards actually funding all of this and who hired the rest of the bastards.

Reset: At midnight on Saturday, everything goes back the way it was, and they post those obnoxious observations.

OOC TerminologyEdit

Reset: Happens every week at approximately midnight on Saturday. Any damage done to the Facility is repaired, supplies are restocked, Observation Posts of the week's experiment are put up, and the new experiment begins. This is also the time in which subjects are transported between Facilities 1, 2 or 3 depending on what the next experiment warrants.

Observation Posts: Occurs with every reset, and generally comprises of the Doctors making either humorous notes as to the subject's reactions that week, or foreshadowing for the next experiment.

Interns: A part of the staff, these are junior members that are in charge of things like resets and observations. These started out as an April Fool's joke that became part of the Facility canon. Many writers have an OC Intern character that they will use when given the chance, complete with histories, jobs, and relationships.

Faciliberry: A term for the communicators subjects are given

Brawl: Often used as 'brawl doc', 'brawl post', or 'brawl chat', a brawl is a big fight that is open to anyone that wants to join in. These have included up to 50 characters involved in the past, and typically involve a group of the good guys dogpiling on a powerful bad guy. These are always organized OOC, usually over the span of several days, because RPing something that massive out is just not gonna happen.

Coffee Cup of Destiny and Wineglass of Doom: These refer to anything that's a random draw. They both actually exist, the Wineglass of Doom has the tests we still need to use, the Coffee Cup of Destiny is used for any draws we need to do for an experiment.