We're just as laid back as they come. Really. But the same way you don’t wave a red flag in front of a bull, don’t disregard the rules. Fair warning. Any questions? Ask away! It’s what we're here for.

The RulesEdit

1. No Wank.Edit

Wank (slang, noun) – drama and grief out of game, disrupting the game through gossip and cliquey behavior, spreading malicious rumors, generally immature or unfriendly behavior, bashing another player, making another player uncomfortable/unhappy, making the mods want to rip their hair out, anything that takes the fun out of the game.

Nobody wants it, least of all the mods. There is a zero tolerance of wank policy. You can and will be booted for breaking this policy. Just say no to wank.

2. Respect your fellow players and the mods.Edit

When in doubt, use the Golden Rule.

3. No god-modding.Edit

This means making decisions for another player’s characters, or assuming that you know something. If it’s not your character, assume nothing. If you want them to be somewhere, check with the writer first. If your character has a far reaching ability that will affect other players, be sure to either give them a loop hole to not participate if they don't want to, or contact a mod to become an event.

4. OOC =/= IC.Edit

This is a cardinal rule of any RP. Just because a person plays an absolutely annoying character does not mean that the writer is an annoying person. Also, just because your characters do not get along does not mean that it’s time for a fight OOC. If every character got along, it would be a boring game. Keep your personal differences out of the game, and leave in game fights in the game. If it looks like OOC and IC are mixing too much, the mods will intervene. This also includes OOC knowledge. Just because you know something doesn’t mean your characters do. Keep that line in place.

5. We like the fourth wall where it is.Edit

Please leave it up.

6. Tag and members lock all logs that include adult concepts or graphic violence/gore.Edit

When in doubt, lock it. Use warnings to let people know what is included in the log, so they can avoid things they don’t want to read. Also, this keeps us in line with LJ's policies on adult content. All entries (journal or log) must be tagged with the character's name.

7. Tests are mandatory.Edit

No sneaking.

8. Follow the rules on your characters’ abilities.Edit

If you can’t do it, don’t try to sneak it in. We will find you, and you’ll end up with no powers at all. Or booted. General guidelines are here.

9. Stay active.Edit

There’s no point in creating a character to do nothing with it. There will be activity checks in the form of an activity check meme posted on the 10th of each month. Failing the AC meme will result in your character being removed from the game. While you are not required to post every week, it’s more fun if you participate and build up that interaction. If you fail an activity check, you will be removed from the game.

Real life does happen. You can declare a hiatus for up to one month. During the hiatus, you will not be required to participate in activity checks. Post the hiatus information, including dates and characters affected, to the OOC comm and include the tag 'hiatus'. If this is not done, there is the chance of failing an activity check while you are gone.

10. Please use proper grammar.Edit

Typos happen, but keep it to a minimum. Posting things like ‘omg, im goin 2 di!’ will get you busted.

11. Minimum player age is 15.Edit

You may apply for up to three characters without any restriction. Four or five characters are possible with moderator approval. Five is the absolute max.

Please note that we do not support players rping their own characters together (a.k.a. mun-cest). If at all possible, players should avoid having their own characters interact, particularly in journals and logs. Some is unavoidable, but it is to be kept to a minimum. Writers will not be allowed to app characters that are too closely entangled in their canon (siblings, teammates, twins, partners, romantic interests, rivals, etc.).

12. Due to the nature of the game, violence, torture, assault, and death all occur with a rather high frequency. Please be aware of this. Edit

In this setting, sexual assault is a possibility. Reality of the matter is that people will use it as a way to hurt someone horribly, or as a way to show control. However, since this is a game for relaxation and enjoyment, this is not to be used as a plot point except in extremely rare situations. Sexual assault includes molestation, assault, rape, dub-con, seized control/mind control, non-con, etc. When in doubt, ask.

Any plot points including sexual assault require mod approval before it happens, and will require an extremely strong argument for character development. Plots that do not handle these topics in a tasteful/realistic manner will be frozen. Ignoring this policy is grounds for being immediate removal from the game.


Constructive criticism is encouraged in this game. Really, really encouraged. This includes the mods, we are far from infallible. The official policy on critique on the characterization of any member of this game is to provide an example of where the 'slip' occurred. This can be a part of a thread, a log, or even an OOC post describing an action. Also, please have a fandom based reason for this. Generalized statements can't help to tighten up the character, so there's no point in using them.

Good: In fandom, character X has never taken initiative in a dangerous situation. The character is usually running in the opposite direction of any danger, screaming. In the last post, character X was leading a charge against the undead monsters trying to kill them. It makes sense that he would want to help, but that showed a lot more guts than the character has ever had.

Bad: Character X sucks and needs to gtfo!

All players are required to have a concrit post on their journals. If the person with critique (positive or negative) is not comfortable with this, they can send the critique to the mods, who will forward it to the player anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the game to leave critique or forward it to a mod.