Vegeta is a major character in the hit manga and anime series Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT produced by Akira Toriyama.

Vegeta in Facility is a quiet man with not much to say. Since he arrived he has been one to sit back and observe, taking in what the doctors have been dishing out and not exactly putting himself up on the front lines. While it is his mission to kill the doctors, he however has yet to think of a plan himself, and has ignored the current Resistence so far.

Prince of Saiyans
Species Saiyan
Age 42
Gender Male
Room Number 12A
Week Joined 97
Affiliations None
Apped from 1 Week after Majin Buu Saga ends
Mun Lindsey


Vegeta stands at a firm 5'3", so he's not exactly of an impressive height, but he has a sturdy, stocky build, muscles well defined. His outfit usually now consists of normal 'earth' wear: jeans, boots, tank top and a jacket. Colors don't matter to him much, but are usually of a more aesthetically pleasing palette consisting of dark values and murky hues. Vegeta's face usually carries an ever-present frown, dark eyes narrow with thick brows furrowed about the middle of his forehead. His hair spikes high into the air, with a prominent widow's peak about his forehead. This, however, is only his casual wear. Whenever Vegeta is going to spar or train, he's either shirtless, or simply wears a tanktop, tight pants of the same color, and his typical Saiyan boots and gloves.


Vegeta is capable of super strength and speed. Being a Saiyan, he's very strong and quick, having grown up initially on a planet with gravity ten times stronger than that of earth, and having trained later under conditions that reach up to 400 times earth's normal gravity. He is capable also of ki-manipulation and using it in a physical form by way of energy attacks. Vegeta can also transform into a Super Saiyan, his strength increasing exponentially as his hair turns a bright glowing gold and his eyes a cold teal.


Vegeta is a man haunted by pride, or was until he had gone through many life-changing (albeit traumatizing) events that changed his perception of not only himself, but the world around him. Growing up a Prince, Vegeta held himself upon a pedestal, a god-complex that he wore on his sleeve nearly constantly. Anyone who wasn't stronger than him, he was more or less cruel towards, usually keeping himself in check around those that could easily kill him (i.e. Frieza).

Vegeta was a cruel man up until he met a fellow Saiyan named Goku (or as Vegeta knew him, Kakarot). It was a meeting that ultimately changed Vegeta's life and at first the metamorphosis was unwelcome and excruciatingly painful. Growing up, Vegeta was convinced that he was destined to be a Super Saiyan, but his draw with Kakarot brought up the possibility that the third class warrior was stronger than he, who was considered an Elite. It was a disturbing concept, one that Vegeta couldn't allow himself to believe.

Ever since he met Kakarot a second time on Namek and was brought to Earth, Vegeta became obsessed with surpassing Kakarot, working the Briefs' technology to its literal breaking point in order to better himself. Vegeta's focus on beating Kakarot never left him until their fight against Majin Buu, where Vegeta was finally able to accept the fact that Kakarot was his superior, always had been and always will be. His hateful view of the world and all things weak softened and he became more accepting and relaxed, more open to experiences than before and socially more easy going.

While he still sports something of an attitude, Vegeta certainly is no longer as cruel or hateful. He still holds memories of his past but never allows them to deter him from what's at hand. He also still holds his pride, but doesn't allow it to blind him as severely as it once did.

Canon HistoryEdit

Vegeta was born on Planet Vegeta to his father, King Vegeta, mother unknown. He was born a prince into Royalty, his father appointed King after leading his people in a war against the Tuffle Race for the planet and winning. It wasn't long until the Saiyans came under annexation to intergalactic warlord Frieza, who employed them into the Planet Trade Federation. The saiyans worked under Frieza, and Vegeta was soon handed over to him by order towards his father when he was 5 years old. That same year, King Vegeta lead an attack against Frieza and was killed, along with his men. Bardock, another saiyan and father of the savior of the Universe (Goku/Kakarot) went against Frieza as well, but died when Frieza blew the planet up.

Vegeta was on a mission at the time and when he returned back to Frieza's ship, he was told that his planet was hit by a giant meteor and was destroyed. He would later find out the truth on Planet Namek. Vegeta served Frieza for 25 long years, along with two other surviving saiyans, Nappa and Radditz. Radditz went to Earth in search of Kakarot (Goku), who was on earth. Through Radditz, Vegeta and Nappa learned of the Dragonballs and went to earth, where they fought the Z Fighters, going through each one of them before it ended up in a brawl between Vegeta and Goku. Vegeta was sent back to one of Frieza's base, beaten and near-death. When he was better, he learned of Frieza having eavesdropped on him and learned of the dragonballs, heading to Namek.

In a rage, Vegeta went to Namek and competed for the dragonballs against Frieza and the earthlings, who came to earth for the dragonballs as well, in order to wish back their friends who had died previously. Vegeta eventually dies by Frieza's hand, begging to Goku to finish him off.

When Vegeta next awoke, he was alive on Namek before disappearing to earth, where he stayed for the next couple years. He left for a while in search for Goku, who had disappeared when Namek finally exploded, but returned just in time for the future version of his son to arrive and deliver a warning of the arrival of the Androids. Throughout that time, Vegeta trained for the following three years, and was finally able to obtain level of Super Saiyan. He fought against Android 19 and killed it, but was easily trounced by Android 18. Vegeta, Goku, Trunks and Gohan go off to train in the Hyperbolic Time chamber, and when Cell arrives, he clearly has the advantage, but allows him to absorb Android 18 and reach perfection, to which he easily fell to.

The Cell games were then held and Vegeta sat on the sidelines until Cell popped out small child versions of himself, to which the others besides him and Trunks(Mirai) easily fell to before they were destroyed by Gohan single-handedly. At the very end, Gohan ends up victorious and Cell was finally killed with the Parent-Child Kame Hame Ha. Life went on for the Z fighters until the World Championship Tournament came around, and Goku, who had died against Cell, was allowed back down to earth for the whole day to compete. It wasn't long though before Goku was drawn away by the Supreme Kai and his bodyguard Kibito on a search for the infamous Majin Buu.

Vegeta, aggravated (considering he was to fight against Goku first), follows, and fights alongside Goku and Gohan against the minions of Babidi, master over Majin Buu. When they reached the lower level, Babidi decided to take over Vegeta and Vegeta, while appearing to put up a fight, allowed the evil wizard to take control of his body, giving him a power boost. While disregarding Babidi's attempts to control him and brushing them off, Vegeta slaughters thousands at the World Tournament in order to provoke Goku into fighting him, which ended after a brutal contest between the two, who were evenly matched. Vegeta knocked Goku out before heading out himself to fight against Majin Buu. He sacrificed himself in an attack that blew Buu to pieces, but was unsuccessful in killing him completely.

Vegeta was summoned some time later by King Yemma in Otherworld and was sent back to Earth to fight once again against Buu, after Buu had obsorbed Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan, but met with Goku, who urged him to fuse using the Potarra earrings. Vegeta relents and Vegito was born, fighting against Buu before being absorbed, where the two separated and deconstructed Buu from the inside by releasing the fighters, including fat Majin Buu from before, from Buu's mind. They escaped, and Buu was reduced to Kid Buu. The fight continued and Vegeta was finally able to accept the fact that Goku was his superior, and was able to respect him for it. Rather than putting up his dukes, Vegeta came up with a plan to revive the Earth and all of it's inhabitants, and urged the Earthlings to give up their energy to Goku to create a Spirit Bomb.

When the Bomb proved to be too small, Vegeta combined his efforts with that of Goku himself and Hercule Satan to gather energy from the rest of the planet. The bomb was finally big enough and it was thrown, destroying Buu once and for all. Exhausted, the Z fighters, including Vegeta settled back on Earth. Despite still being tense and usually angry, Vegeta was finally able to fully accept everything: Earth as his home, Bulma as his wife and companion, Trunks as his son, and Goku as his friend.

Facility HistoryEdit

Vegeta arrived at The Facility at the beginning of Week 97. The current Test of that week was Naked Week, and needless to say, Vegeta was quite unhappy about being stripped of his clothes and his dignity upon his awakening. He met only a couple people, but was quick to note who he could easily get along with.

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