Vriska Serket
Vriska serket wiki
Species Troll
Age 6 solar sweeps (13 years)
Gender Female
Room Number 7-D
Week Joined 79
Affiliations DECK
Apped from Page 1987 (Recap 2)
Mun Colin

Vriska Serket, also known as Marquise Spinneret Mindfang and Spiderbitch, is a 13-year-old alien from a planet known as Alternia. She descended upon the Facility in week 79 and was soon followed by the rest of her glorious troll entourage. She has currently taken up her position as the 8 of DIAMONDS in DECK.

Appearance Edit

Vriska is generally a pretty normal-looking girl. If you look past the grey skin, orange horns, yellow eyes lined with blue eyeshadow, pointy fangs smiling from behind blue lips, robotic left arm, and eyepatch over her left eye, she's just like everyone else! She has a black shirt with a blue Scorpio symbol on it, over which she wears a one-sleeved grey collared jacket. It's actually kind of stylish! She has deep blue jeans and red-and-white hi-tops to complete the ensemble. Throw in some waist-length black hair and glasses and she might as well be that one semi-creepy kid from high school who sat in the corner and read Monster Manuals all day.

By all logic, she should have both her arms and a seven-pupiled eye instead of an eyepatch. But since the Doctors are complete jerks, they've stripped her not only of her organic parts but also her God Tier status, which awards her wings, luck-stealing powers, and very stupid clothes.

Abilities Edit

Vriska does have freaky mind control powers that only work on the especially impressionable. She can convince people to do things that they wouldn't normally do, from signing back on their PesterChum client to jumping off a cliff and falling to their death. She only has a certain amount of control over members of different species, though. Her abilities are strongest on trolls; on humans, she only seems to be able to put them to sleep with her brain. But she's adaptable. She can work with that.

She's also re-acquired the Fluorite Octet, a set of magical dice that, depending on the roll, can dispense one of 16.7 million attacks. They are all equally dangerous, but not necessarily lethal. There's got to be a few botch conditions in there. As of week 103, she has her rocket boots back, too. These red boots with flame emblems on them let her fly for as long and as high as she chooses, provided she doesn't, you know. Crack her skull on a ceiling or anything.

Personality Edit

Vriska's moral compass may as well be a pendulum. She's great at doubletalk when it serves her purposes, but is just a little bit more gullible than she'd prefer to let on. She's the great manipulator, sure; she loves bugging and fussing and meddling in people's lives for her own benefit. But she can be manipulated just as easily as long as people know what buttons to push. Flying in the face of the well-tempered mindmistress facade she puts on, she's pretty insecure about basically everything. She's prone to kind of extreme bouts of self-deprecation, insulting herself and doubting her own ability to fight the inevitable. It's really frustrating sometimes!

Despite all that, Vriska still loves being excellent in every aspect of her life. She participates in various extreme role playing games with especially high stakes at hand and especially epic loot to be gained. She also gains a lot of experience points, but for all we know those are completely useless outside of games. Role playing isn't her only hobby, of course; she's completely in love with various high-stakes games. Cards, billiards, even tiddly-winks if there's enough to lose.

As of late she's been working fairly hard to make up for some of the horrible things she's done in her life, showing that just maybe underneath that facade of confidence and smug superiority there is someone who really does want to be a better person in a sincere, meaningful way. She's had help from people she considers her friends, but the concept of friendship on the whole is still completely foreign to her. Don't expect her to warm up to you immediately, if at all, unless you've done something to seriously earn her respect.

History Edit

For her history before the Facility, please refer to her application.

While in the Facility, Vriska has spent much of her time insulting anyone she doesn't like. Her tenure started with a heated argument with Karkat Vantas over how bright the hallway was, and continued in this fashion for several weeks. Her first shreds of humanity began to show in week 90, evil twins in Venice. Details surrounding that death can be found here; in short, her evil twin used her mind control powers to make actual Vriska drown in one of the canals.

From there, Vriska made it her goal to stop being such a terrible person. After baring her soul and mind to Kanaya Maryam in week 91, she began the reconciliation process. During week 95 and plagued with doubt, she apologized to Terezi Pyrope, who immediately replied that she was not one of the people who needed an apology. Terezi and Vriska now hold a tenuous friendship; at the very least, they're on better terms than they were. Tavros Nitram was next on Vriska's list, and in week 98 she had her chance. They sequestered into a cabin together, where she delivered a much less sincere apology and smooched him in what has possibly been her most effective romantic pursuit ever. Too bad Tavros hates her now, thanks to recent canon events.

Sollux Captor and Aradia Megido are the last two people to whom she needs to apologize, and prospects aren't looking so great. She attempted to say something to Aradia in week 95, when the Aries was human and still had emotions, but Aradia shut down any form of conversation preemptively, and Vriska chickened out. Another apology attempt, this time to Sollux in week 104, left the two of them in a violent argument with neither one wanting to speak to the other again. It's hard to say if she'll ever be able to make things right with either of the two outliers.

In a similar vein, Vriska has found herself attracted to John Egbert in a romantic sort of way. It began, like most things, in Venice, when the two of them resolved to watch Con Air together. A number of factors, including having no real leader after Karkat's untimely termination and finding Egbert to be not as intolerable as she once thought, led to her going to him for guidance in the rebellion and eventually for her personal life. She's formed a similar rapport with Rose Lalonde for her destructive tendencies and Jade Harley for her connections with Terezi, though of course the red leanings are nonexistent with the two of them.

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